AdWALK Focus: AR visible to the naked eye.

No glasses. No phones. No apps.

Transform any space into an interactive and personalized experience. 

AdWALK Focus will attract your clients’ attention showing contents in the most effective, engaging and memorable way. 

AR that walks along

AR that appears out of nowhere and catches your clients’ and visitors’ attention. Moving when they move, waiting when they stop.

Engage with your clients by showing digital content via our futuristic AR solution.


Videomapping over surfaces, products and objects transforms them into so much more. 

Show content to your visitors in a mind-blowing visual experience and thereby boost your sales.

Indoor guidance

We guide your clients and visitors through your business.

Forget signage and stickers to guide your clients’ attention and use the latest guidance technology instead.


Our AR solution revolutionizes promotion and in-store marketing.

Increase sales and connect clients to your brand.


Artificial Intelligence processor analising users to choose the best content to play.

AdWALK Focus: Device-less AR

No glasses. No phones.


Computer vision to characterise users and track their position, posture and gestures.

Interactive, personalized and
device-less AR

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